As mentioned in About the author my posts will be subject to my personal understanding of a subject, so certain terms used in some posts might just be my own personal definitions! And not the generally accepted term, if there even is one. I aim to mention whenever this is the case, but I’ll probably miss it at some point.

I aim to make this a credible source, but before you start quoting me various places, know that I DO make mistakes. I post new stuff, whenever I just learned something new, and I might have misunderstood something, and therefore there might be some wrong statements included! Now I do aim to fix these if it would occur. You are more than welcome to question anything I write, and even more to correct me if I’m wrong.

Everything on this blog is brought to you as is, and I bring no guarantee that whatever I’m writing is true, even though I do aim for it to be!

The expert in anything was once a beginner.   – Helen Hayes