Author: Niki Ewald Zakariassen

Numerical Gradient Checking

I recently remade my own personal Java neural network framework, mainly for educational purpose. And by trial and error with simple cases, it definitely was learning! So all good!… Right?!? The Subtle errors Backpropagation can be arduous to implement…

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Basic Neural Network Code Example – Java

This is part two of my Basic Neural Network series, where I’ll present a simple implementation of a neural network, with feedforward – Made in Java. The previous post explaining the basic model can be found here. If…

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Basic Neural Network Model Insight

I plan to make a short series of posts about neural networks, and how to perform feed forward. Starting from this post I’ll cover the model/architecture of a neural network and move my way through the math required…

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Understanding Backpropagation.

For me, backpropagation has always been the holy grail of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) training, but until recently my only way of training an ANN was with genetic algorithms, which is something I will hopefully cover in another…

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Blog launch!

From by

Today will mark the day, for the very first post on this blog ! Even though it wont be a machine learning post, I still think it’s worth some celebration 😀 You can read more about me in About the…

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